“It’s Simple. It’s Absurdly Powerful. And It Manifests Your Desires Faster Than Anything Else.”

This Is The Most Important Goal-Getting And Life-Giving Skill Nobody Taught You... And It’s A Lot Simpler Than You Think:

Dear friend,

  • If you haven’t been able to reach your goals or live the lifestyle you secretly dream of, and a lack of results from all your effort sometimes makes you want to tear your hair out…
  • If too much fear, stress and worry get in the way of the inner peace, financial security, loving connections and positive energy you know you could have…
  • Or if you feel like you’re missing out on the abundance you see others enjoy, but every time you try to “manifest” it you end up overwhelmed, confused, or disappointed…

… then the simple process you’re about to discover could be the most important ‘unfair advantage’ you’ll ever come across.

Because you may not realize this yet… but there’s one secret driver behind even the most successful person’s peace, joy and achievement in life – whether they realize it or not.

And you too are born with this natural power.

Here’s how it works:

Let’s Cut To The
‘Heart’ Of The Matter:

First, to understand what it is – consider the Cambridge Dictionary definition of the word ‘heart’… beyond its typical meaning as the body’s ‘blood pump:’

noun, uk: /ha:t/, us: /ha:rt/

  • A person’s character, or the place within where feelings or emotions are considered to come from. (-- “Thank you from the bottom of my heart,” “I love you with all my heart,” “a heart-felt thank you.”)
  • A person’s mood or feeling. (-- “A change of heart,” “a heavy heart,” “this makes my heart sing.”)
  • Courage, determination, or hope. (-- “Don't lose heart now,” “take heart – things can only get better,” “I put my heart into this.”)

Stop and think about those meanings for a moment:

  • Hope… positivity… drive… passion… moral courage… determination… authenticity…
  • Those are the exact things that every happy and successful person will say contributed to their prosperity in life.
  • And they’re ALL captured in the single word ‘heart.’
  • That’s not a coincidence, as you’re about to see next…

Cultures from all over the world have ALSO long seen
the HEART as the true source of creative power:

Ranging from Hinduism and Buddhism… to Chinese traditional medicine… to ancient Greek philosophy and Egyptian customs - they all call it:

  • The seat of your consciousness…
  • The connection between your body, mind and spirit…
  • The driver of your mental clarity, memory & intellect, and emotional stability…
  • The center of perception itself…
  • The bridge between your earthly and higher aspirations…
  • The place inside from where virtues like love, honor, courage and even life itself spring.


Even historically, and despite cultural differences, people have considered the HEART the true source of a person’s ability to live with wisdom and purpose, and intentionally create the happy, joyful and abundant life you crave.

And they didn’t just make that up, because…

Here’s More Proof:

The Power Of Your ‘Heart’ Has Actually Been Measured With Real-World, Scientific Rigor:

Huge Magnetic Field:

The Institute of HeartMath has shown that the electromagnetic field of the heart is the most powerful and extensive one in the human body – about 5,000 times stronger than the electromagnetic field of the brain.1

That’s clearly a difference of epic proportions.

(So much for “mind power”…)

Uncanny Influence On
Other People:

Evidence also shows that the electromagnetic field of the heart transmits information between people at a distance.

This contributes to ‘magnetic’ attractions and repulsions, and the ability
to ‘subtly’ influence other people… positively and negatively.2

(Not surprising with that huge magnetic field…)

Rock-Steady Emotional Harmony:

Other studies demonstrate how the heart plays a role in harmonizing emotional upheaval and the balance between itself, the brain and the
central nervous system.3,4

This gives you mental clarity, emotional stability, flexibility and resilience.

(Or do the opposite under ‘heartache’ – making everything about you go

‘Spooky’ Intuitive Perception & Synchronicity:

There’s even proof that the heart receives and responds to information about a FUTURE eventbefore the event actually happens.5,6,7

Yes, really. Imagine the possibilities of that...

And strikingly, the heart appears to receive this intuitive information before the brain does.

These are just a few examples… And they’re all cold, hard, researched facts that anyone can look up and confirm.

And If Even That Wasn’t Enough To Convince You, Consider This:

Your ‘Mind’ Is Much Like Your Heart’s “Wimpy Little Brother:”

Yes, the power of the mind
is already astonishing…

For example, consider real-world ‘mind over matter’ displays like…:

The placebo effect – where people overcome pain, depression, or even physical disease from something like a tiny sugar pill that has no treatment effect of its own… or its counterpart the nocebo effect – where taking an inactive placebo makes your symptoms worse.

The detrimental impact of psychological stress on your health – where dark and gloomy emotions spike stress hormones that weaken your immune system... and can escalate to more serious, stress-related ailments like burnout, depression, anxiety, neck and back pain, IBS, migraines, cancer, etc.

Plus – we all know about mentally strong and determined people who seem to be able to ‘bend reality’ to their will

“Research Shows The Mind Is Actually SUBJECT
To The Heart… More Than The Other Way Around:”

Studies confirm that the heart sends meaningful messages to the brain, which the brain not only understands but also obeys.8

Neurophysicists have discovered neural and electromagnetic pathways through which the heart can inhibit and facilitate the brain’s electrical activity. This impacts how you perceive the world, how you make decisions, and how you react to what happens around you.9

The heart even has an intrinsic brain of its own, known as the ‘heart brain’ – a complex and sophisticated nervous system that consists of around 40,000 neurons called sensory neurites. This allows the heart to independently learn, remember, feel, sense, and make decisions… without involvement from the brain.10,11

We always hear so much about “the power of the mind”… but apparently, the real power is in your HEART.

So How Do You Use All This ‘Mind-Boggling’ Power
To The Benefit Of Your Goals And Dreams?

It’s Surprisingly Simple To
Make It Work For You, BUT…

It’s At Odds With Just About
Everything You’ve Learned Before.

For example:

You don’t have to “think positively” and “repeat affirmations” all the time…

No need to “overwrite your limiting beliefs” or “hack your brain” to reap the benefits of this process either…

And it doesn’t even require badass motivational resolve, relentless hard work, or even some extremely high IQ to get to where you want to go.

It can be so much more straightforward… and literally anyone can do this.

Don’t Believe Me? Here’s What Others
Have Said About This Process:

“Your content is of such superior quality...”

I can’t even compare your material with others. I remember once reading something from you and only after about a year others began to talk about it - that's how advanced you are in your field!

Your work really amazes me, especially after having to read so many others’ online. I truly regard your research as a “breath of fresh air!”

I believe on some level your insight, experience, education, research and sense of humor connects with your audience at an emotional level to make a truly lasting impression.

Your experience and professionalism affords you a unique insight into matters of personal and spiritual growth, which are topics that are of great interest to all of us.

You have brought an innovative approach to working with a strong-minded and educated crowd, giving them tools and education to create and reinvent their lives the way they desire and develop themselves beyond expectation.

Evane Abassi, BS, JD, LLM
California Mediator

“Fireworks going off...”

How can I let you know the incredible impact this new course is having on me?

I just finished the first module of Heart-Core Power and it was like fireworks going off.

For what it’s worth, I have a PhD in quantum physics, so I didn’t think there was something new for me to learn even about my own field of expertise. Boy, was I wrong...

Allen Weiss
Pacific Palisades, CA

“Do the work, it works!”

Hey Henk, I am writing to you to share something absolutely wonderful, after reading some of the questions you have already been sent and some of the skeptic responses you have received (admittedly at first I was one of them, but signed up anyway) I want to share an absolutely awesome experience with you.

I have dwarfism and up until now all through my life I have been extremely unlucky in love, as you know (and something I too have been guilty of at times, I must admit) some people will only look at the outside and not stop to find out what is within.

I had an extremely "toxic" marriage for some 15 years all the while thinking this is as good as it gets. Until I finally had the courage to end it and that was 10 years ago. Apart from a very brief liaison of some 3 months, 6 years ago (which was ended due to the bigoted pressure from her friends) there has been nothing.

I signed up for the package first time round and followed the steps to the letter. I worked on Phase 2 on 16th of July and by September 15th my no.5 Heart-Core Desire had arrived:

I’m now sharing my life with the most beautiful woman of my dreams, who loves and adores me as much as I love and adore her. We have a beautiful friendship and a beautiful passionate relationship enjoying a fantastic life together of great joy.

I truly thought if there was any decision that life would not deliver on it would be this one. I have waited 43 years to feel this good. She is the love of my life and she came looking for me. We met through a friend at indoor rock climbing and she asked me out and we have been inseparable ever since. Can you believe it?

So to all you skeptics out there: do the work, it works! Having achieved this I now know anything my heart desires is possible to achieve. And to Henk, thank you for developing such an amazing program. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Ian "Lofty" Fulton
International Voice Artist

“Already having aha-moments... a home run”

First, I am only on the first lesson and already having aha moments out the whazoo. Previous to this, I had been solely caught up in the impact of cognitive dissonance, which was keeping me from accessing my heart power.

Second, getting the support emails in addition to the Heart-Core lessons help to “bring things home.” I would encourage folks to go back and re-read these encouragers after they finished the lesson, cuz it solidifies the lesson’s points.

I am more than excited about this journey.

Henk, you have another home run here, sir – thank you!

Annie Hopkins
Life Coach
Seattle, WA

“I am just blown away...”

You have created a system I wish had been in existence several years ago for my personal use when I needed it the most.

I am just blown away by the attention to detail, the content, and the positive message you present.

I can tell you this with absolute certainty: your materials are going to help a lot of people! I recommend this highly!

Congratulations and keep up the great work!

Pat Hicks
Dallas, TX

“Nothing has resonated with me like 'Heart-Core-Power'!”

I recently purchased the 'Heart-Core Power' package. I have previously spent hundreds (actually thousands) for books, tapes, and CDs on personal development and concepts like the 'Law of Attraction' and 'manifesting,' and I have to say:

Nothing has resonated with me like your explanation of our 'Heart-Core Power.' This has probably been worth all the rest of my investments combined.

From my upbringing's perspective, having someone explain esoteric or even 'spiritual' mystery in clear, down-to-earth and straightforward terms without any judgment or mumbo jumbo was a deep breath of fresh air.

Thank you very much!

Ron Allen
Longview, TX

How To Manifest Your Desires
In Just 5 Simple Phases:

Phase 1: Heart-Core Direction

To apply your Heart-Core Power towards any specific goal or dream, knowing how to tap into it isn’t enough… You need to know how to skillfully direct it. And that can be a little elusive:

Because you can’t steer your heart energy directly. No amount of meditation, will power, ‘staying positive,’ or even ‘inspired action’ will help you if you don’t know how it can only happen as an indirect by-product of something else.

So not surprisingly, this is where most people go wrong without even realizing. But once you get it, it’s like you flip a switch inside – you can’t go back to the struggles of the past, even if you wanted to.

Phase 2: Heart-Core Potency

You can never live big with a small-time view of your potential. But if you’ve suffered the pain of losing a few hopes and dreams (like most people), you may have cut yourself short from trying to avoid more disappointment… possibly without even realizing.

NO MORE: This phase rips off that tight clothing so you’re free to reach for what you really want again.

You’ll end up with a deeply-settled knowing of how your heart literally reaches into the very roots of reality… with simple exercises setting off veritable ‘epiphany bombs’ that awaken the kind of inspiration and drive that your mind can never even begin to fake.

Phase 3: Heart-Core Focus

Nobody probably ever told you what you’ve learned in Phase #1… So it’s quite likely that the energy of your heart has been scattered all over the place – completely outside of your control. Until today:

Now it’s time to laser-focus your renewed and expanded inspiration into a fully coherent, high-intensity heart field that’s as tight as a laser-beam.

You’ll quickly sort out any dispersed energies with simple techniques that channel them into a single center of focus… like sunlight through a burning glass … etching both the new you and your new aspirations into reality.

Phase 4: Heart-Core Flow

Imagine you simply couldn’t fail… Sounds far-fetched? Don’t worry – no need for lofty Pollyannaism or Rocky-style grit here.

You’ll learn a deceptively simple process that eliminates any need for force, effort and will-power, while still catapulting your results. How?

Not by magical thinking: the secret is hidden in the fine print of a world-famous psychology experiment that most people know for something completely different.

And yet, it holds the key to almost inevitable results. Plus, it virtually eradicates self-sabotage and puts YOU in total control of the process.

Phase 5: Heart-Core Spirit

As the cherry on top, it’s time to give your now greatly-expanded, laser-focused and effortlessly-flowing heart power another big boost, so that you keep it radiating at maximum intensity… all the time.

You won’t find this unique process anywhere else. This is literally like giving yourself super-vitamins for your soul that will invigorate your spirit and make you feel full of energy, zest and positivity… even when your desires haven’t manifested yet.

Just imagine how much good that will do to your results and your happiness… And best of all, you’ll be surprised at how simple it is. It’s almost too easy once you get it.

Want More Details?
Here’s How It Breaks Down:

Module #1: “Heart-Core Direction ($49 Value)

Heart-Core Power Manual #1

Here you’ll learn the absolute #1, most overlooked Heart Key you’ve never heard of that allows you to literally ‘hack reality,’ and effectively rig the game of life in your favor.

You’ll discover things like…:

The deceptively simple formula to put yourself in full control of your creative process… without having to think positive, change your limiting beliefs, or otherwise fix something about yourself.

The hidden process by which you keep killing your own results… without even realizing.

The biggest – and yet most common – mistake most people make in trying to manifest their desires. (This dead give-away will turn the tables in your favor.)

The critical difference between two different kinds of “intention”… and why it’s the single most crucial determining factor behind your ability to manifest your goals and desires.

The unorthodox ‘cure’ to getting rid of what you don’t want. (This goes against all common sense and popular belief, but it changes everything.)

The concealed power of ‘covert affirmations,’ and why they often unknowingly give you precisely the results you don’t want.

Why positive thinking is completely inconsequential on the Heart-Core Power-process, and sometimes even the absolute worst way to try and steer your heart’s energy.

How to pull the power away from circumstances and make yourself the supreme creative force in your life.

The outrageous reason why your thoughts, emotions and beliefs don’t really matter that much at all in getting what you want… and what does make the change. (HINT: it’s not “inspired action” either.)

Discover the biggest pitfall in applying your inborn creative powers… and how not knowing about this ‘trap’ will likely set you up for failure from the very outset, and unintentionally make you work against yourself.

How to consistently get the results you want, without having to rely on tenacity, grit, willpower, contrived positivity, or ‘blind luck.’

An ingenious system to flip the inner ‘switch’ that instantly gets you ‘out of your mind’ and ‘into your heart’ – making everything in your life feel lighter and more easy-going.

The simple question to ask yourself to ensure your heart’s energy is in the game and no longer fragmented in a way that only gets you flaky results at best.

The 1-letter difference that can cause a 180-degree turnaround in mindset – positively or negatively… and the secret way to masterfully walk this delicate balance to stay rooted in your Heart-Core Power at all times.

The simple question that reveals where your “power of intention” is really focused… (Warning: it’s probably not where you think it is!)

What really determines the nature of your heart’s power field, and the only way to deliberately amplify and focus it. (Hint: it has nothing to do with positive thinking, meditation, or getting rid of limiting beliefs.)

How to best handle circumstances you’d rather get rid of… without getting discouraged.

The ‘Sad Clown Secret’ that shows you how you unknowingly shape your own reality… even if it seems like the whole world is conspiring against you.

A simple, “can’t miss” frameshift that can change everything in your life for the better… almost overnight.

The power of Heart-Core Triggers to radically shift your entire outlook, and to make everything in your life look less complicated, brighter and easier.

The ‘Alien Abdication’-technique that lifts the burden of “having to be creative” from your shoulders. (Huge relief!)

And much more…

Module #2: “Heart-Core Potency ($49 Value)

Heart-Core Power Manual #2

This phase shatters any sense of limitation about what’s possible for your life by revealing your heart’s astonishing displays of real-world power… all proven with the scientific rigor that makes even the greatest skeptic come around.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

The fool-proof way to finally leave the past behind and start living up to your true, perhaps long-dormant potential.

How to fire up your heart so you can get more of what you really want out of life. (This seems weird at first, but it’s easier and more effective than you think.)

The ‘unthinking’ way to bring more heart into your life: how to rekindle that sparkling – and possibly long-gone – sense of drive, inspiration and vitality you’ve been missing… and dare to reach for bigger dreams again.

Get to know your heart as the sovereign, benevolent leader of your entire mind/body-system… and how it impacts your physical, mental and emotional well-being – even more than your brain.

How your heart empowers your intuition in ways your mind can ever only catch up to.

The demystifying truth about how your heart controls your brain, more than the other way around.

A brand new discovery that shows how your heart subtly influences other people, and how to easily leverage this power for ‘mind-blowing’ consciousness shifts.

How to ‘work’ your heart to generate the hormonal environment in your body that optimizes your physical health and vitality, your mental clarity, and even your emotional stability and resilience.

Key strategies for uncovering your Heart-Core Desires: how to ensure your heart is in it, and your mind is not fooling you.

The life-changing power of hypercommunication – demonstrated by Princeton University research to impact ‘reality’ in ways that seem almost magical from a ‘normal’ worldview.

An almost unknown way to use your heart’s power to effectively “create your own luck.”

The vital importance of creating heart-driven “upward spirals” in whichever area of life you want to improve – whether it’s your health, relationships, finances, art, your ability to realize your goals, or even your capacity to just be “happy without reason.”

The hidden “Power Propagation Secret” that drives massive positive consciousness shifts.

How to make benevolent waves in the collective human mind that will come back to you in multitude.

The 90-day “Commendation Recommendation” that gives your Heart-Core Power a big boost and can put you in a permanent positive state… without having to change your thoughts, emotions or beliefs.

The Heart-Core Litmus Test to see if your Heart-Core Focus gets channeled in the right direction… so you can be certain you’re not working against your own aims.

A seemingly preposterous technique that almost instantly transforms your own world and that of others for the better. (You can put this one to work today!)

And much more

Module #3: “Heart-Core Focus ($49 Value)

Heart-Core Power Manual #3

This phase gives you the ‘secret sauce’ that allows you to realize bigger dreams than you may have ever considered possible.

You’ll discover…:

The only way to bring full alignment in the way you “focus on what you want”… and why most people – including many experts – get this all wrong.

The single, most ‘treacherous’ visualization mistake even professional experts make: which kinds of visions you can manifest, and which ones you can’t. (Best focus on the right ones…)

The major ‘focus flaw’ in 99% of all personal growth programs that can kill your results before even getting a chance… and the deceptively simple way to overcome it.

How to get out of your own way: why we’re naturally inclined to think and visualize in a way that often limits our results… and the contrary, almost blasphemous approach that can even – in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King – “make a way out of no way.”

A weird (but effective) way to handle a skeptical mind and inner critic that don’t want you to believe.

Clear-cut advice for shaping a vision of what you want that doesn’t block its own chances of coming to pass… so you can be sure you set yourself up for success from the outset. (Especially the 4th step is crucial, but no one ever talks about this…)

The 4-step ‘Burning Glass Focus Frameshift’-technique that converges your Heart-Core Power into a single direction for breakthrough results – like a magnifying glass burning through paper.

5 heart-felt questions to ask your best self that instantly lift you up on wings like eagles.

The “3-Word Defrost” technique that melts visions that are frozen in stasis, brings them back to life, and molds them into tangible reality.

How to ‘flip the switch’ to drive your dreams into reality from the inside out. (It’s not what you think it is…)

How to be hauled in by your hopes and dreams… rather than having to push yourself toward them.

The illogical ‘mindset switch’ that lifts the creative burden off your shoulders and sets you free to allow your desires come to you. (The relief you feel is indescribable…)

The biggest ‘secret’ behind allowing the seemingly impossible to manifest… and how it can totally make or break your results if you don’t give it the space it needs. (It’s not what you think…)

The almost effortless trick that gives your creative process a necessary ‘kick-in-the-pants’ and gets it moving like a flywheel that keeps itself going.

The simple little tool that will open the door to massive possibility for you… more than any positive thought, happy emotion, or ‘inspired action’ can ever do.

Everything you need to get your heart on board with your goals and desires.

And much more

Module #4: “Heart-Core Flow ($49 Value)

Heart-Core Power Manual #4

This is like a quickie “idiot guide” to banish self-sabotage with proven techniques that bring ease and flow back into your life.

WARNING: this phase will make you a card-carrying member of the “no excuses left” club. So if you’re not serious about being in full control of yourself and your life and you can’t follow simple instructions, don’t even think of using this plan.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll learn:

How to focus on the right things at the right times… so you can stop overwhelming yourself with useless ‘tricks’ and ‘hacks’ that never shift the situation.

How to easily transform ‘struggle,’ ‘hustle’ and ‘lack of control’ into flow, synchronicity and alignment.

Flawlessly systemize your Heart-Core Power-process so that it practically runs on autopilot… and you never have to call on willpower again whenever you have a negative thought or need to make a tough decision.

Put yourself in full control and make your Heart-Core Focus a nearly automated certainty… so that your desired results become practically inevitable.

The most essential, must-know secret to avoid spending your entire life running in circles, exhausting yourself and never getting anywhere you haven’t already been.

Finally forgive yourself for wrongly blaming yourself whenever you assumed that you just “didn’t want it bad enough,” “didn’t push yourself to the limit,” or “wasn’t strong enough.” (You’ll see why none of that mattered, and it was never your fault.)

The little-known remedy for the limiting belief that “you don’t have what it takes”… and the “can’t miss” strategy for sailing smoothly through good times and bad.

‘Will’ becomes ‘skill:’ Why relying on willpower is a trap, and how to avoid it… without having to push yourself.

The missing ‘flow’ secret accidentally discovered in a world-famous psychological study: the single most important insight that will U-turn a lack of self-esteem and make you realize that you can change anything you want about yourself and your life.

The myth of discipline and hard work: a simple 3-step formula to create ‘effortless flow,’ without having to rely on ferocious determination or magical thinking.

Why ‘willpower’ is actually something completely different… and why this potential is so simple to apply to your benefit, you’ll need to resist the temptation to hit yourself in the head for not thinking of this yourself.

How to make Heart-Core Decisions: the “A-Player” secret to ensure you come from the heart at critical moments of truth, without letting the whims of your mind interfere and make you feel stressed out.

Surprise and delight yourself with a carefree breeze and self-control… even when the going gets tough and negative thoughts would otherwise get free rein.

The 4 ‘flow killers’ to watch out for, and the easy, no-brainer “tricks” that put your heart back at the center.

Can you really “predict the future?” Discover the ingenious system taps into your heart’s intuitive powers with a strategically-crafted formula to know what’s best for you every time you need to make a Heart-Core Decision.

And much more

Module #5: “Heart-Core Spirit ($49 Value)

Heart-Core Power Manual #5

This phase gives you a rare and virtually unknown strategy to invigorate your ‘soul,’ jolt your inspiration, and let your heart emanate its brilliance at its full, maximum intensity… all the time.

Here’s some of what you’ll discover:

The absolute worst way to pursue your goals and desires that can unknowingly set you up for failure before the Heart-Core Power-process even really starts… and what to do instead.

The ‘unthinking’ way to boost your creative power and take full control of your life.

What NEVER to do when you feel something essential is missing in your life… and the unorthodox secret that cures this ‘affliction’ faster and easier than you thought possible.

What a Mexican fisherman can teach you about creating the life of your dreams… without ever exhausting yourself, running in circles, or focusing on the wrong things again.

The 2 questions that reveal the positive or negative power of your desires… and how to give your desires the ‘playful’ positive charge that make them so magnetic they’ll actually pull you toward them.

How to ensure you actually get what you really want, and make sure you don’t end up exhausted from running life’s treadmill thinking: “Now what?”

Overcome the biggest ‘manifesting paradox:’ how to “be happy now” when you’re not really happy. (HINT: it has nothing to do with gratitude journals, counting your blessings, or other self-help clichés.)

Discover the unique power of Heart-Core Vitamins – the scientifically proven boosters for your mind, heart and soul that make you feel abundant, happy and inspired… even when your desires haven’t manifested yet. (It’s almost easier than popping a pill.)

The 3 simple questions that diagnose a Heart-Core Vitamin-deficiency… and how to easily resolve it so you can feel abundant, happy and at the top of your game NOW and any time you want.

The absolute best way to avoid the excruciating pain of focusing on the wrong things and wasting all your energy walking down a road that ultimately leads you nowhere.

The dire consequences of a chronic Heart-Core Vitamin-deficiency… and the ingenious system that ensures you stay full on them, all the time.

The real secret to “unlimited abundance” that eradicates any need for lofty castles in the sky, but rather grounds them in the fertile soil of proven strategies that actually bring you what you want.

The simple formula that eliminates the need to wait for something or someone to ‘save’ you or give you what you think you need. (When you ‘get it,’ this literally explodes your ability to make it happen using your own powers.)

The deceptively simple Heart-Core ‘Energy Activation’ plan that gets your heart fired up, your mind straight, and YOU feeling like you’re flying high and able to take on anything.

And much more

All these instructions are so straightforward, you can begin to put the tools to work for you right awayAnd what’s more:

You’ll Notice The Difference In
Your Energy And Efficiency
Almost Immediately.

But to make sure you have everything to get the utmost out of this process, let’s take it over the top with…:

“The 3 Bonus Gifts That
Keep On Giving…”

Many “bonus gifts” are not really gifts - they’re just distractions from what’s really important that make it look like they sweeten the pot…

Not these extras - they actually give you a real edge in parts of the process where there’s even the slightest chance that you might get pulled off course... so you can get yourself back on track in no time.

What’s more, they’ll keep on giving over time.

Here's What You Get Today:

Bonus Phase #1:

“Heart-Core Thrust

($97 Value)

Heart-Core Power Bonus Video Training

WARNING: If you’re not serious about exploding your Heart-Core Power, do not use this bonus video training.

This simple – sometimes even illogical – methodology lights a fire under your Heart-Core Power-process by automatically creating upward spirals of ever-increasing positivity and flow… without needing any force, discipline, or pretense.

You’ll discover…

  • The breakthrough, 5-step formula for building build snowball-like Heart-Core Momentum that literally makes you unstoppable in your flow from one triumph to the next.
  • 2 simple techniques that reveal the way forward under ANY circumstance, so that you never come up empty or doubtful again about what to do next to keep moving forward towards your goals.
  • The little-known, 5-minute remedy for persistent negativity.
  • A deceptively simple way to automatically feel grateful, without needing to keep a gratitude journal or counting your blessings.
  • The one and only secret almost nobody knows for how to ‘take action’ while also ‘letting go’, without ever getting confused, overwhelmed, or disappointed.
  • The ‘big lie’ of goal setting, and a weird new ‘goal-setting’ strategy to put an end to the never-ending ‘wild goose chase’ that never gets you what you want. (This one little secret can make everything in your life flow easily for you.)
  • How to let your mind automatically generate positive thoughts, inspiration and motivation… with no effort on your part.
  • An easy, unorthodox, but extremely effective technique that can conclude every single day with high-vibe energy… without affirmations or ‘faked’ gratitude… so you can always fall asleep satisfied and wake up rejuvenated and inspired, day after day.
  • The really juicy secret that always makes you feel fully empowered, abundant and appreciative… without ever having to pretend or make yourself feel that way.
  • And much more…

No kidding: in just a couple of days of putting this training to work you’ll be able to see for yourself how much good these simple techniques do to your growth, happiness and the things you get done. You’ll literally become an unstoppable force.

And then there’s more support in…

Bonus Phase #2:

“Heart-Core Control

($49 Value)

Heart-Core Power Bonus Manual

Whenever you feel stuck or out of control, this phase shows you how to easily identify the (subconscious) patterns responsible, so you can quickly shake them off and put yourself back on the fast track towards your goals and desires.

You’ll learn…

  • Hand-holding advice that will instantly give you more control over your limiting beliefs, bad habits and emotional tailspins.
  • Why most people (including many experts) often fail to understand what’s really in the way of realizing your goals and desires. It's never what you think it is.)
  • The super-intense “insider exercise” that gives you deep insight into the hidden subconscious patterns that are running you now… and how to transcend them, so you can finally claim back the self-control that puts your fate back in your own hands.
  • The single most violated ‘Heart Power’ rule, and the shocking way most popular approaches actually take that power away from you.
  • The 2 ‘Tenets of Heart-Core Control,’ and the clumsy mistakes 90% of all people make when trying to take charge over their thoughts, beliefs and emotions.
  • The demystifying truth about Heart-Core Control will help you avoid self-sabotage and take full charge of your life and destiny.
  • The ‘Hidden Hand Epiphany’ that’s the #1 key to mental, emotional and spiritual liberation.
  • The 4 endowments that give you ultimate freedom and control in life.
  • The thrilling ‘13th Floor Simulation’-process for revealing your hidden qualities, strengths and talents… so you can instantly open up to much greater potential and opportunity.
  • The 3 ‘secret’ requirements for becoming the supreme creative force in your own life.
  • The 12 questions to ask yourself to discover HOW you think and feel, as opposed to WHAT you think and feel… so you can get your ‘train of thought’ off its one-way track to nowhere, and on the straightest line toward your goals.
  • And much more…

And finally…

Bonus #3:

Lifetime Updates!

($397 Value)

  • This training keeps getting fine-tuned and improved based on participants’ experience and feedback over time.
  • So when you order today, you’ll always be entitled to the newest version of the materials, which will always be readily available to you in your online owner’s area.

And that’s not some empty promise:

  • Those who’ve come before you know that I’ve been making significant updates and improvements over the past couple of years, which they’ve been gratefully enjoying at no additional expense after their original enrollment.
  • That’s why this third bonus alone will be worth your purchase today many times over.

These gifts are yours for free when you get started on this process today.

Everything you need to start tapping into you natural-born, Heart-Core Power to freely flow towards your goals and dreams is laid out for you in this training.

So here's what to do next…

How To Get Started Now For A
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Phase #1 - Heart-Core Direction (PDF) $49
Phase #2 - Heart-Core Potency (PDF) $49
Phase #3 - Heart-Core Focus (PDF) $49
Phase #4 - Heart-Core Flow (PDF) $49
Phase #5 - Heart-Core Spirit (PDF) $49
Bonus #1 - Heart-Core Thrust (Video) $97
Bonus #2 - Heart-Core Control (PDF) $49
Bonus #3 - Lifetime Updates $397
Total Value: $788

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60-Day ‘Happy-Or-Your-Money-Back’ Guarantee

Take 60 Days To Follow The Program,
And Only Make Your Final Decision Then:

Honestly, you’ll be amazed by the high quality, clarity and level of detail throughout the entire Heart-Core Power training. It’s is unlike anything you’ve seen.

Just put the exercises and techniques to work for you one by one for 60 days… and then see what you think:

  • If after completing the 5 Heart-Core Power phases and the 2 bonus trainings you still don’t feel you have the insight, clarity and powerful action steps needed to bring fresh, new peace, joy, abundance and creative power into your life…
  • Or even if you don’t like something trivial like the font used in the training modules, the colors depicted on the download page, or some other minor detail that doesn’t sit right with you…
  • Then I insist that you email us for an immediate refund, and we’ll promptly send you back every penny you invested in this training. (In fact, keep all the materials as a ‘thank you’-gift for trying it out.)

So spare yourself the torture and tears of having to figure this out for yourself and trying one thing after the other that never makes a real difference… Just put this formula to work with no risk, and see for yourself what ‘magic’ it can do for you.

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See you there!

P.S. By now you realize that the most elegant and effective formula to freely flow toward your goals… without having to rely on wishful thinking, hard work, or blind luck… and without getting confused by conflicting advice and manifold techniques out there… is to engage your Heart-Core Power.

So spare yourself the torture and tears of having to figure this out for yourself and trying one thing after the other that never moves the needle… Just put this formula to work with no risk, and see for yourself what it can do for you.

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